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Magento 2 Google Enhanced E-commerce Tracking extension allows you to install Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on your Magento store. This comes with options to enable display feature, anonymize IP and enhanced e-commerce tracking on your Magento website.

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Google Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for Magento 2

This Enhanced Ecommerce module allows you to integrate Google Enhanced E-commerce Feature on your Magento webstore with minimal effort

Here are the main features of this module-:

  • It allows you to implement new Google Analytics Universal tracking on your site
  • It automatically replaces old Google Analytics tracking with new one i.e Universal Analytics on your Magento 2 website including enhanced e-commerce feature
  • It comes with different options provided by new Google universal tracking code
  • It gives you an option to turn on new tracking code or switch back to old tracking
  • It works with sub-domains and multi-domain websites **
  • It comes with an e-commerce tracking and send all the item level information to Google
  • It supports add to basket and remove from basket data
  • It supports Cross Device Tracking / User ID feature which associates all the session data to one user as far as they use the same login details across multiple devices
  • It supports Shopping Behaviour Report
  • It supports Checkout Behaviour Report which measures Magento 2 checkout steps
  • It supports Product List Peformance Report
  • It supports Product Peformance Report
  • It supports Sales Peformance Report
  • It supports Guest checkout functionality
  • It supports cross domain auto linking using linker plugin
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events for new product section
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on category page
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on product page
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on advanced search and search result pages
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on related products
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on cross-sell products
  • It captures product Impressions, add to cart & product clicks events on up-sell products
  • It captures all the events started from home page till order confirmation page (NEW!)
  • It captures refunds against the original transaction
  • It measures complete checkout process including billing, shipping, shipping method, payment method and order review steps
  • It measures checkout steps with user selected option For example, shipping method selected as 'next day delivery' or payment method as 'paypal' will be shown in the events
  • It capture promotion data with each transaction including promotion or coupon code
  • It comes with an option to link two Google analytics accounts. This feature is very useful when you have multiple websites and you want to link them to master Google analytics account
  • It comes with an option to send transactional data on invoice creation only. This feature could be useful if you take either payment on dispatch or your payment gateway show their own success page instead of Magento 2 order confirmation page
  • It also comes with the option of sending offline transactions like phone orders or admin orders to Google Analytics along with custom source and medium information (NEW!)
  • It measures transactions with specified local currency
  • This module can be completely disabled whenever required via system configuration in admin

Same version of Magento 1 module can be bought using the following link

We have implemented this module on our demo website for you to have a look, please email us ( your gmail ID and we are more than happy to share our test google analtytics account with you.

Learn more from the official Google Help center for Enhanced Ecommerce

Compatible with Magento 2 community and enterprise 2.0.x - 2.3.x including cloud edition

We provide 60 days free support and free upgrade from the date of purchase for any standard Magento site. Installation service is also available with a minimal charge of £50 with 6 months free support and free upgrade for any standard Magento Site. If you need any help with this extension or you want to enhance this extension to meet your business needs, please contact and we will get in touch with you. And if we like your idea we might do the solution at discounted rate or for free.

** Please refer to our FAQ or T&C section for running our extensions on multiple domains or sub-domains

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get license key for my development website?
A. If you want to get the license key for the developer website, please contact our team at along with order number and development site URL. The developer website can be on a separate Magento installation than your base domain for which the license was purchased
Q. Can I test the extension before buying?
A. Unfortunately we can't provide you extension for testing purposes but we have demo available for most of our extensions and happy to provide full refund if the extension doesn't work
Q. Can I request for customisation on your extensions?
A. Yes we do provide all sort of customisation for our clients at the reasonable rates. And if we believe the customisation will help our product then we also provide great discount on the customisation
Q. I have two live domains, do I need a separate license key for each live domain?
A. Yes you need to buy a separate license key for each live domain or sub-domain. If you are buying licenses for more than four live sites in one transaction then we can offer you 30% discount on total amount
Q. How can I upgrade my extension to the latest version?
A. If your extension is within the free upgrade period then simply email us with your order number and our team will send you the latest version of the extension but if it is outside free upgrade period then you need to buy an upgrade using the following link

Once you received the latest version of our extension then we would highly recommend to delete all the files and folder of our extension from your website first before uploading the latest version because we might have removed existing files and keeping existing files could cause problems on your website.
Q. Does my license get expired after certain period?
A. No, your license is not going to get expired but we would highly recommend upgrading to get all the latest fixes (including security fixes if any), improvements and new features. In the upgrade, we also ensure it is compatible with the latest version of Magento and when you upgrade you will have a smooth transition.
Q. How can I manually uninstall your module?
A. Please follow the below steps -:

Step 1: Remove the module Scommerce_% from app/etc/config.php

Step 2: Drop module tables or columns from database, please check app/code/Scommerce/Module/Setup folder for more information

Step 3: Remove the folder app/code/Scommerce/%

Step 4: Remove module configuration settings from core_config_data table by running the following query
DELETE FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE 'scommerce%'
Step 5: Remove module from setup_module table by running the following query
DELETE FROM setup_module WHERE module LIKE 'Scommerce_%';
Q. Can I install or upgrade your Magento 2 packages using composer?
A. Yes you can by following the below steps -:

Step 1: Unzip our provided extension

Step 2: Create two separate zip files of the folders found in the following directory -:


which means you will ended up having two zip files "" and "{{extension_name}}.zip"

Step 3: Create packages/scommerce folder on your SSH server on the root of your Magento site

Step 4: Upload two zip files created in Step 2 "" and "{{extension_name}}.zip" to the packages/scommerce folder on your SSH server

Step 5: Update require section of your composer.json (sitting under root of your Magento site) with the following -:
"scommerce/{{extension_name}}": "^{{version_number}}", "scommerce/core": "^{{version_number}}"
You can check the version number and extension name from the composer.json under the following folder of the extension provided



Step 6: Update repositories section of your composer.json (sitting under root of your Magento site) with the following -:
{ "type": "artifact", "url": "packages/scommerce" }
Step 7: Run the following command on your ssh to install or update our package -:
composer require scommerce/extension_name
Q. On category page, when I check id or brand fields in the data layer, they show blank, not sure why?
A. Go to Admin -> Stores-> Attributes -> Product . Now search for sku or manufacturer attribute, once found click on the attribute to edit and make sure "Used in Product Listing" is set to yes.

Q. Are you overiding the Magento core functions to insert your tracking codes OR putting your code in default/selected theme files?
A. We have our own layout and template files in the base theme folder. Our extensions strictly follow Magento standards and guidelines.

Q. Can you please let us know the code example for checkout page/functions which you use at checkout.
A. We can't share the code examples but we track all checkout steps (Shipping, Payment and Order Confirmation).
Q. Why Google Analytics has some missing transactions?
A. Missing transactions could be for a number of reasons -:
  • The user who has made the transaction had his or her JavaScript or cookies turned off
  • The user has left the page before the transaction has had chance to send to Google Analytics
  • There might be a JavaScript issue on the order confirmation page
  • Your payment gateway provider has their own order confirmation page so customer never come back to Magento order confirmation page.
  • Order confirmation page doesn't get loaded with certain payment methods.

Q. What is the difference between the Enhanced Ecommerce tracking extension and also the Enhanced Ecommerce with Google Tag Manager tracking extension?

A. GTM pro helps you track not only Enhanced Ecommerce tracking but many others like Facebook, Google Analytics, Marin Software, Google Adwords and many more trackings via Google Tag Manager. Our Enhanced Ecommerce module is completely focused on Google enhanced ecommerce on so you would have more features in that module in comparison to our GTM pro module. For example:- It comes with an option to link two google analytics accounts which is not part of GTM pro.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.0 - Commiting initial versions

Version 2.0.1 - Fixed common issues in GA module related to wrong checkout pages path and error in search results pages

Version 2.0.3 - Removed text/javascript as they were showing as warning in code sniffer

Version 2.0.4 - Fixed issue related to already exists in context object error

Version 2.0.5 - Added brand and category with measurement protocol API for offline orders

Version 2.0.6 - Fixed issue related to quote brand and category

Version 2.0.7 - Fixed issue related to upsell and related products on product page

Version 2.0.8 - Fixed wishlist related issue

Version 2.0.9 - Page layout was hard coded in the layout xml files, removed it to fix the issue Also fixed issue related to mini cart issue when no license key is provided and related to mini cart height issue

Version 2.0.10 - Updated module to support Magento marketplace standards. Also added missing feature list like send admin orders in the user guide

Version 2.0.11 - Added new configuration ajax add to basket enable or not to make sure if ajax add to basket is not enabled then our plugin should enable it on the website

Version 2.0.12 - Fixed brand issue when attribute is multiselect and also change code to pick the URL from core_config_data table instead of PHP global variable SERVER. Also removed console log and fixed issue related to refund

Version 2.0.13 - Fixed product list performance report in GA by making sure add to cart, checkout and purchase are showing against the correct list name. Also now sending category hierarchy to Google instead of just category name. Also fixed issue related to double conversion when offline tracking was on in admin configuration because it was sending transaction online as well as offline

Version 2.0.14 - Added new feature to send addImpression data to Google Analytics from product listing and search result pages based on the visibility of products using load and scroll events

Version 2.0.15 - Fixed issue on success page related to single quote in product name, sku, category or brand names. Also called transaction tracking straight after body start instead of content

Version 2.0.16 - Refactored by keeping common functions in one file instead of keeping them in separate files. Also removed jquery cookie dependency instead using Magento cookie inbuilt functions. Also done some refactoring around checkout to send checkout steps more efficiently to GA

Version 2.0.17 - Fixed issue related to quoteData being undefined on onepage checkout

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