Are you a web development agency focusing on Magento platform or an SEO company seeking effective solutions for your clients? Or are you running a blog or any related sites on Magento for ecommerce solutions? If you are a frequent Scommerce Mage customer and would like to introduce our extensions to others, why not come on board with our affiliate program? We want to share our profits by providing incentives for both you and your client. We can help your clients find the perfect extension for them at reasonable prices. All you have to do is drive traffic to our website and encourage your client to proceed with purchase upon purchase! By doing so, not only will you earn a very generous commission package, but you will also give client satisfaction with our outstanding products. It is a winning situation all around! 


Simply send an email to core@scommerce-mage.com. We will then track the number of purchases made through you or recommended by you through a link that the user clicks on. Once the user completes the purchase, you earn commission. Once your commission balance reaches at least £50, you will be able to receive the monies owed to you once in a month. Therefore we need your PayPal or bank details as well! If you have a different working plan in mind, please do not hesitate to present it to us. We understand all businesses have a different method of practice and we endeavour to work together fruitfully to both have a great understanding of business requirements as well as a fantastic working relationship - after all, we need you and you need us!


Total value of the purchase per monthCommission
£1 - £999.9910%
£1000 - £1999.9915%
£2000 +20%


You will be paid per month provided you can reach a minimum of £50 commission. The payment will be made via Paypal or bank transfer and you will receive your money within 7 working days. Remember that you can email us at any time to check your performance with data of sales, traffic generated and your commission balance. If you need any support, drop an email at: core@scommerce-mage.com


You think it. We build it

We build everything around Magento, if you have tiny, small, medium or large project for your Magento store then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

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