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Please read these Terms of Use (“Terms”) carefully. The following is a legal agreement between you (“purchaser”, hereafter sometimes referred to as “you”) and the owner of Scommerce Mage (hereafter sometimes referred to as “Scommerce Mage,” “us,” or “our” “seller”), which governs your use of all products purchased from this website. By making this purchase, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement automatically, without any other conditions or declarations. If you do not agree with these terms, you are not allowed to make this purchase.
Products referred to within the Terms apply to any files purchased or downloaded from Scommerce Mage


It is the responsibility of the purchaser to take back up of your store before installing any of our product on live site.


By purchasing you acknowledge that the ownership of the product is not transferred to you and may not be claimed as your own. Ownership is retained by the seller.
By purchasing a product of Scommerce Mage:
Customer will obtain a license key which will remain valid until the customer stops using the product or until Scommerce Mage terminates this license because of customer's failure to comply with any of its Terms and Conditions. Each License key includes a license serial which is valid for one single domain only. Purchases on a module for a specific domain are not transferable for another new domain. You are allowed to customize our products to fit with your using purpose.


Customer may demand a refund for any Scommerce Mage product within a 10-days period from the date of purchase. Refund can only be provided if we can't make our extension work for you.
We do not offer refund in the following situations:
  • you simply changed your mind (as this is downloadable product not physical)
  • your server doesn't meet minimum requirements
  • your magento version is older than our compatibility requirement
  • you have modified core files or have other conflicting extensions which override same core classes
  • you can't provide access to us to your database or FTP location
  • you are not allowing us to help you first (so we don't have any proof that extension doesn't work)
  • extension is installed on unlicensed domain or dev environment
  • you are out of free support period


By purchasing and/or downloading products on Scommerce Mage, you agree to not distribute the products to any other person including family, co-workers, friends or others.
You may NOT redistribution or resell the product in whole or in part. This strictly prohibits uploading/sharing on Tangent Sites, forums, emails, disks or other where someone other than the purchaser can view, download or copy files.


We provide all bug fixes for free for next 60 days if our module has been installed on out of the box Magento installation where there is no other third party extensions being installed. But while providing free support if our module is not working because of other third party extensions then you probably be charged if you want us to resolve the conflicts.


You may modify the product for personal use ONLY should the need arise but modifications do not expand the license to include ownership and copyright. All ownership and copyright are retained by the seller. You may NOT look at the components (e.g. layers) that make up the products and then use the idea in your own product for resale or distribution of any kind.


All products are protected under copyright Laws and are not to be distributed, resold, shared, or copied in any form.

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