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Compatible with community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x and enterprise: 1.8.x - 1.14.x

Magento Google Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Tage extension allows you integrate Google Adwords Dynamic or google remarketing tag on your Magento web store by simply installing and enabling the module from Magento admin.

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5 Great customer service and extension works as described
Easy to install and configure. Scommerce team helped us to test it using chrome's plugin Google Tag Assistance. The results are looking good so far, thanks for the great plugin, highly recommended!
4.3 It actually works as described!!!
I know reviews are of great value and there aren't many here. So being desperate after wasting the last ten days working with four different people in Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Google Support who knew nothing about what they were talking about, as each had me set up a Remarketing Campaign 3 different ways, and none had a clue as to why I was getting Tag errors, I was DESPERATE... So, I closed my eyes and hit the buy button here.... Easy install, clear instructions, and when viewing source code it shows the Google Dynamic Remarketing script in full, and with Sale Price (when available), and "product" for product page, etc. When tested with Google Tag tester, the tag icons stayed blue with happy face :-) And that made me a happy camper! Thought the price was just a little bit high, but my time is valuable too. Nice job. Thanks

Product description

Magento Google Adwords Dynamic Remarketing Tag

What is Dynamic Remarketing Tag ?

Dynamic remarketing lets you reach previous visitors to your site by using ads that show the specific products people previously viewed on your site. Once you've set up your dynamic remarketing campaign, you'll need to add the dynamic remarketing tag – including custom parameters – to your site, so that your lists can start working.

This module allows you to implement Google dynamic or normal remarketing tag on your Magento website

Here are the main features of this module-:

  • It allows you to implement Google dynamic remarketing or retargeting tag tracking on your Magento website
  • It also support tracking for retail and other sites with dynx_ variables
  • It gives you easy access to manage all the related configurations from admin panel
  • It covers all the pages which Google recommends on your website for remarketing to work effectively which includes home, category, product detail, search, cart and order confirmation pages
  • It allows you to turn normal or dynamic or both remarketing tag tracking
  • It comes with the option to select product attribute in admin in case you send different SKU to google base feed
  • It fully supports GDPR compliance with our GDPR extension or any other third party GDPR extension (NEW!)
  • It works with all the latest Magento Enterprise and Community versions
  • This module can be completely disabled whenever required via system configuration in admin

Compatible with community: 1.4.x - 1.9.x and enterprise: 1.8.x - 1.14.x

We provide 60 days free support and 12 months of free upgrade from the date of purchase for any standard Magento site. Installation service is also available with a minimal charge of £70 for any standard Magento Site. Additionally, you can buy our 12 months free premium support and free lifetime upgrade for just £70. If you need any help with this extension or you want to enhance this extension to meet your business needs, please contact and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours. And if we like your idea we might do the solution at a discounted rate or for free.

** Please refer to our FAQ or T&C section for running our extensions on multiple domains or sub-domains


Q. How can I get license key for my development website?
A. If you want to get the license key for the developer website, please contact our team at along with order number and development site URL. The developer website can be on a separate Magento installation than your base domain for which the license was purchased
Q. Can I test the extension before buying?
A. Unfortunately we can't provide you extension for testing purposes but we have demo available for most of our extensions and happy to provide full refund if the extension doesn't work
Q. Can I request for customisation on your extensions?
A. Yes we do provide all sort of customisation for our clients at the reasonable rates. And if we believe the customisation will help our product then we also provide great discount on the customisation
Q. I have two live domains, do I need a separate license key for each live domain?
A. Yes you need to buy a separate license key for each live domain ( or sub-domain ( or subfolder ( If you are buying licenses for more than four live sites in one transaction then we can offer you 30% discount on total amount
Q. How can I upgrade my extension to the latest version?
A. If your extension is within the free upgrade period (12 months from purchased date) then simply email us with your order number and our team will send you the latest version of the extension but if it is outside free upgrade period then you need to buy an upgrade using the following link

Once you received the latest version of our extension then we would highly recommend to delete all the files and folder of our extension from your website first before uploading the latest version because we might have removed existing files and keeping existing files could cause problems on your website.
Q. Does my license get expired after certain period?
A. No, your license is not going to get expired but we would highly recommend upgrading to get all the latest fixes (including security fixes if any), improvements and new features. In the upgrade, we also ensure it is compatible with the latest version of Magento and when you upgrade you will have a smooth transition.

Q. I get this error "An error occured while the tag was fired: net :: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" in Google Tag Assistant

A. This could be because you either have adblocker or Avira antivirus installed on your browser which blocks any URL which has ‘ad’ in it. For example Google Remarketing URL is //

Q. I have setup remarketing using your setup guide but I don't see conversion in GA or Google AdWords account against my campaigns?

A. To record conversions in AdWords or Analytics against your campaigns you will need to use Google Adwords conversion pixel tracking installed ( Although the remarketing pixel does mention "conversion ID," it does not record conversions. Alternatively you can also import goals from Google Analytics to your Google Adwords account

Q. How do I get audiences list from Google Analytics to Google Adwords account for remarketing?

A. Any of the following things can to be done to enable this

  • Enable Remarketing in GA - you need to make sure Remarketing is enabled in Google Analytics under Admin -> Property -> Tracking Info -> Data Collection
  • Change GA code - modify your Google Analytic code to add ga('require', 'displayfeatures');.
  • Option in Google Adwords Select the option to use existing tracking code when you're creating an AdWords remarketing campaign in Google Adwords
More information info click this link

Q. Where can I find Google Ads remarketing Conversion Id?

A. Login to your AdWords account -> Tools -> Shared Library -> Audience Manager -> Audience Sources (Left hand menu) -> Google Ads tag (Click Details) -> Scroll Down (Tag Setup) -> Click Install the Tag Yourself -> Event snippet will show you the Remarketing conversion ID code

Q. What does "Enable Tracking for other sites" mean in the system configuration?

A. With this extension you can set your business type as RETAIL or CUSTOM, if you enable this setting then it will set business type as CUSTOM and code will be changed accordingly. For more information you can have a look at the following link

Q. For GDPR compliance, I am asking my customers to accept whether they are happy for us to use third party cookies for sending personal identified information (PII) or not. Can I integrate this extension so that I can turn on or off sending data to GTM based on customer preference?

A. Yes, if you are using our GDPR extension then you just need to set Enable GDPR cookie check setting to "YES" in the system configuration of our module but if you are using some other third party GDPR extension then you need to ask extension developer to confirm the name of the cookie which you can enter in the GDPR Cookie Key the system configuration of our module

Change Log

Version 0.0.1 - Initial Commit

Version 0.0.2 - Made some minor fixes to json encoded data

Version 0.0.3 - Added default totalvalue as 0 in config.xml

Version 0.0.4 - Changed the logic of license key and deleted unencrypted folders

Version 0.0.5 - Added feature to turn on dynamic remarketing for other sites using dynx_* variables

Version 0.0.6 - Fixed warning/notice related to getHelper function of the script.php

Version 0.0.7 - Added support for GDPR compliance, once customer has given the consent on using third party cookies for PII then you can turn your GTM tracking on but if they decline then it will be off and won't send data to GTM. For cookie consent and data anonymisation you can use our GDPR extension

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