Compatible with Magento 2 community and enterprise 2.3.3 - 2.4.x including cloud edition

Magento 2 Cash Back Discount encourages customers to purchase more and return to your online store by offering them rewarding discounts. This extension will help you turn occasional users into loyal customers.The extension is a fully featured, powerful and flexible marketing tool designed to create multiple cash back discounts in combination with any rules or conditions offered by out of the box Magento 2 site.

  • A must have marketing feature for any online store
  • Rewards the returning user
  • Boost your sales
  • Gives you a customer for life time

Free Support

up to 60 days

Free Upgrades

up to 1 year

Fully open source


4.3 Great Feature to add to Magento site !!
I highly recommend this extension. It's a great feature to add to your store. We had queries which were answered fairly quickly by the team. Great Work!!
5 Exceptional Support!
We are using this product on Magento 2 community 2.3.3 and it works exceptionally well. SCommerce team provides exceptional support on live chat. Well pleased with this purchase!
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Product description

Magento 2 Cash Back Discount Module

Compatible with Magento 2 community and enterprise 2.3.3 - 2.4.x including cloud edition

Why Promotions/Discounts are so important?

The most important purpose of offering promotion/discount is that it sets a business apart from its competitors. No one will ever need to run any promotions/discounts if there wasn’t any competition. If there are a number of other online stores that sell similar products or services like yours then you can only attract customers to buy from you if you have a special order discount for them.Customers are inherently drawn towards rewards, promotions and discounts. Given two products that are practically similar in terms of features, consumers would almost always choose the item that offers some discount/reward.

5 key reasons why an online store should offer discounts

  • Increased Traffic: Offering discounts for a limited time with advertisement will attract customers into your online store and most likely will convert the traffic into sales
  • Increased Sales: Increased traffic usually converts to increased sales. Shoppers tends to spend more when they are offered discounts
  • Sales Targets Are Met: Every business have weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales targets. Knowing the seasonal fluctuations in consumer buying behaviour, you can cover the lean seasons by offering lucrative discounts
  • Long-term Relationship with Customer: Offering customers great value for good quality products can greatly improve their loyalty to your store
  • Monetized Inventory: Offering discount is a great way to clear off the inventory which is either less in stock or you don’t plan on selling anymore

Understanding Cash Back Discount

Cash back is exactly what the name implies. Customers earn a percentage or an amount of every purchase they make to use on the next order. This provides customers with an incentive to buy again from your online store, which in turn helps you to increase sales.Cash back marketing works like affiliate marketing and its a very clever way to attract new customers and retain them.With the help of our Magento 2 Cash back discount extension you can easily offer multiple cash back offers on your Magento 2 store. The extension is a great marketing tool which works with all other Magento 2 discount rules and conditions. It provides online customer a clear visibility of all the cash back he/she has earned and gives flexibility to decide when to use their discount

Key Features of Magento 2 Cash Back Discount Extension-:

  • It allows you to set up multiple cash back discount at the same time
  • It allows you to set up cash back discount with rules and conditions just like any other Magento 2 discount
  • You can set up cash back discount for a certain period
  • You don't need to send any coupon code in the email. Customers simply get their next order discount by just using the same email address for their next order
  • It shows a "Apply Cash Back" option on checkout for users who are eligible for discount
  • It gives user flexibility to choose when to use the discount
  • It shows Cash back discount information on basket, checkout and sales order confirmation email
  • Cash back discount message which shows on basket, checkout and sales order confirmation email can be managed via admin configurations
  • Expiry date can be set to the cash back discount
  • Minimum order value can be set to the cash back discount
  • You can also exclude certain order statuses from the cash back discount. This helps to exclude discount if the first order has been cancelled or refunded
  • You can exclude/include shipping from cash back qualifying amount
  • It provides summary of cash back discount to the user under My Account Section on frontend for registered users
  • It provides information of cash back discount in a separate grid in Magento backend
  • Cash back reminder emails can be sent to customers before the period of the discount expired
  • You can also configure how many days prior to the expiry, the cash back reminder emails should go
  • Cash back reminder email template can be managed via admin portal using transactional emails
  • Cash back reminder or cash back can be completely disabled if required


"We are looking for a unique discount feature for our Magento 2 store. It involves providing a discount in the form of cashback to our customers for a specific category. For eg:- if a customer purchases a product from the Clothing category of our store then they get a certain amount of discount in the form of cashback on their next purchase. The discount should automatically get applied on the customer’s next purchase provided it's within the discount validity. Can we achieve this using your extension?"

Our extension implements the described discount feature on your Magento 2 store. You simply have to enable the extension from the configuration and then create a cart price rule by going into Admin>Marketing>Cart Price Rules>Add New Rule. Create the discount rule as you would do normally except in Actions>Apply select either Cash back percentage or Cash back amount. Once you have your rule in place go to Admin>Stores>Configuration>Scommerce Configuration>Cash Back and set Auto Apply Discount to “yes”. Enabling this feature will automatically apply the cashback discount on the next purchase of the customer.

cash back discount scenario 1


"Our Magento 2 store requires a cashback discount feature for marketing purposes. We have seen your product description and the extension seems to fit our criteria. However, we also need a way to remind our customers of the discount before their validity expires. The reminder message will increase the chances of customers coming back to the store and placing their next order. We want to send reminder emails at specific times for example:- a week before the cash back discount expires. Is there a way to send customized email reminders using your extension?"

This extension also has the feature to send two reminder emails that can be completely customized from the configuration as well as you can also choose when these emails will be sent. Assuming you have already created your Cash back discount rule using Magento 2 Cash Back extension. Go to Admin>Stores>Configuration>Scommerce Configuration>Cash Back, scroll down to find Cash Back Reminder settings set enable to “yes” so now the cash back reminder feature is enabled. Choose the email sender and select from the prebuild templates for the both the emails. Next, enter the reminder message as per your requirement for both the mails and configure the cron schedule. To customize the dates when the emails are sent enter the number of days in Send Reminder and Send Second Reminder. The email will be sent before the number of days (calculated from the expiry of the cashback rule) entered in the configuration. Suppose you entered 7 in Send Reminder then the first email will be sent one week before the cash back discount expires.

Cash back discount scenario 2


"We want to provide discounts to our customers based on their purchase of certain products. Suppose if a customer purchases a specific product then they can avail some amount of discount on their next order based on their previous purchase. Your extension seems to embed this feature in Magento 2 stores. But we also want that the discounted amount is calculated from the grand total including the shipping amount as well and on the next purchase the discount should be deducted from the total value of the order. Does your extension include shipping amount while calculating the cashback discount or is there a certain feature to execute this scenario using the extension?"

Our extension allows you to choose whether the cashback discount is applied on the Grand total or the subtotal value of the cart. You can also configure the settings to include the shipping amount while calculating the cashback discount. To do the configuration go to Admin>Stores>Configuration>Scommerce Configuration>Cash Back and choose your desired setting in Grand or SubTotal Attribute here we will select including tax so now the tax will also be included while calculating the cash back discount amount. Furthermore in Include Shipping please select “Yes” to also include the shipping price in the cash back discount calculation. So now if a customer places an order they get a certain percent cashback discount. This percentage is calculated from the total value of the cart including shipping amount as well as tax.

cash back discount scenario 3

We provide 60 days free support and 12 months of free upgrade from the date of purchase for any standard Magento site. Installation service is also available with a minimal charge of £70 for any standard Magento Site. Additionally, you can buy our 12 months free premium support and free lifetime upgrade for just £70. If you need any help with this extension or you want to enhance this extension to meet your business needs, please contact and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours. And if we like your idea we might do the solution at a discounted rate or for free.

** Please refer to our FAQ or T&C section for running our extensions on multiple domains or sub-domains


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Would it allow me to run it like a normal promotion for example specific products, brands, categories etc?
A. Yes, this cash back discount is exactly the same as any other shopping cart price rule promotion.
Q. I want to provide a Fix cash back discount amount. Is there a way to configure this setting in your extension?
A. Yes, we have provided two different configurations, Cash back Percentage and Cash Back amount. You can choose either while creating the rule for eg:- go to Admin>Marketing>Cart Price Rule>Add New Rule scroll down to find Action setting and choose either percentage or amount in Apply dropdown.cashback apply setting
Q. How does it work in a nutshell?
A. It is a percentage based discount which customers get on their order total value. Unlike other discounts, customers qualify for this discount only with their subsequent orders and NOT with their first order.
Q. Can Cashback be based on Customer Groups ?
A. Yes - you can set this up based upon the Customer Groups as well. Simply go to Admin>Marketing>Cart Price Rule select your rule or create a new one. Then scroll down to find the Customer Groups setting and select the desired customer groups. cashback customer groups
Q. Why is the extension not appearing on the frontend?
A. Please double check the installation guide. If you are using a custom theme, you will need to follow the process closely to ensure it appears correctly.
Q. I have not received an email reminding me of the cashback expiration, although I have an active cashback discount?
A. Please make sure you have subscribed to the newsletter as it only sends reminder emails when you subscribe.
Q. Can I use multiple cashbacks for a single order?
A. Yes, you can use multiple cashback discounts for a single order.
Q. Can cashback rules be set per item? e.g. if purchase SKU is001, will I get a cashback?
A. Yes, you can set it by adding the condition in cart price rule from Admin > Marketing > Promotions > Cart PriceRules > Select Rule > Add condition Under 'Action'.cashback rules
Q. Can a cashback be used for a specific item with an order?
A. No, it doesn't support cashback on a specific item. It applies on the total value of the cart.
Q. Can cashback be automatically offset with each subsequent order? I.e. the checkbox "Apply cashback discount" should be omitted.
A. Yes, to apply discount automatically and hide checkbox on checkout, set 'Auto apply discount' to 'Yes' from Admin->Store->Configuration->Scommerce Configurations-> Cash Back-> Auto apply discount Yes/No.cashback auto apply discount
Q. How many reminder emails does it send for cashback discount expiry?
A. If the cash back is not used then it sends two emails as per the setup. You can set the email templates and reminder days for second email from Admin->Store->Configuration->Scommerce Configurations-> Cash Back Reminder-'Yes'/'No'
To add a template for a second email. Go to Admin->Store->Configuration->Scommerce Configurations-> Cash Back Reminder-> Second Email Template.
To specify the number of days for a second email. Go to Admin->Store->Configuration->Scommerce Configurations-> Cash Back Reminder-> Send second reminder (days). cashback reminder configuration
Q. Can I customize the cash back qualifying message displayed on frontend?
A. Yes, you can customize the cashback qualifying message displayed on the frontend. Go to Admin>Stores>Configuration>Scommerce Configuration>Cash Back and enter your custom message in Cashback Qualifying Message.cashback history frontend
Q. Is there a grid to show the cashback discount history on frontend?
A. Yes, there is a grid to show the cashback discount history on the frontend. When a customer logs in to their account they can go to My account section then click on Cash Back history to view their entire cashback discount transactions.cashback history admin
Q. Is there a grid to record the cash back discount transactions in backend or admin panel?
A. Yes there is a grid to record all cashback transactions in admin. Simply go to Admin>Sales>Scommerce Cashback>Cashbackcashback qualifying message
Q. What happens if an order placed with a cashback discount is canceled?
A. When an order placed with cashback discount is canceled then the cash back transaction is deemed Void the cashback amount is again available for the customer to use in their next purchase. It also gets reflected on the frontend Cashback History grid in a customers My Account section.
Q. What happens if an order placed with a cashback discount is refunded?
A. When an order placed with cashback discount is refunded then the cash back transaction is deemed Void the cashback amount is again available for the customer to use in their next purchase. It also gets reflected on the frontend Cashback History grid in a customers My Account section.
Q. How can I get license key for my development website?
A. Please login to your account and Go to My account section > From the left menu select Generate Dev License key > Enter the Dev site url and select the extension from the dropdown and click on generate to get the license key
Q. Can I test the extension before buying?
A. Unfortunately we can't provide you extension for testing purposes but we have demo available for most of our extensions and happy to provide full refund if the extension doesn't work
Q. Can I request for customisation on your extensions?
A. Yes we do provide all sort of customisation for our clients at the reasonable rates. And if we believe the customisation will help our product then we also provide great discount on the customisation
Q. I have two live domains, do I need a separate license key for each live domain?
A. Yes you need to buy a separate license key for each live domain (www.site.com) or sub-domain (de.site.com) or subfolder (www.site.com/de). If you are buying licenses for more than four live sites in one transaction then we can offer you 30% discount on total amount
Q. How can I upgrade my extension to the latest version?
A. If your extension is within the free upgrade period (12 months from purchased date) then simply email us with your order number and our team will send you the latest version of the extension but if it is outside free upgrade period then you need to buy an upgrade using the following link

Once you received the latest version of our extension then we would highly recommend to delete all the files and folder of our extension from your website first before uploading the latest version because we might have removed existing files and keeping existing files could cause problems on your website.
Q. Does my license get expired after certain period?
A. No, your license is not going to get expired but we would highly recommend upgrading to get all the latest fixes (including security fixes if any), improvements and new features. In the upgrade, we also ensure it is compatible with the latest version of Magento and when you upgrade you will have a smooth transition.
Q.Where can I download the extension files?
A. Please login into your account on our website and go to the download link under my account section to download the extension package.
Q.Can you provide a key that works for our development (NOT PRODUCTION) environment which will work on a dynamic URL, for example, 12334.gitpod.com and 4567.gitpod.com?
A. Unfortunately it is not possible to generate license keys based on the dynamic URLs. License keys need to be generated per domain or subdomain whether it is production or non-production.
Q. How can I manually uninstall your module?
A. Please follow the below steps -:

Step 1: Navigate to our store and login to your account. Then go to the My Account Section, on the left menu click on Composer Instructions.
My account section
Step 2: Next, run the config commands shown on the top of the page then click on the extension that you want to install. A composer require command will be revealed in the dropdown menu. Run the command then clear caches to complete the installation. Composer instructions
Q. Do you support SPA (Single Page Application) / PWA (Progressive Web Application) / AMP ?
A. Unfortunately, we don’t support SPA or PWA or AMP but we may be supporting them in future depending upon the demand.
Q. How much time does it take to reflect cash back discount in my account page?
A. There are two factors to reflect cash back discount in your my account section , first is that your previous transaction should be marked as shipped and other factor is cron job, which should be run after the transaction has been marked as shipped. Cron job runs every 10 mins alternatively you can run using the following command -:

php bin/magento summary:update

Change Log

Version 2.0.10
2022-10-31 13:20:09
Fixed PayPal compatibility Fixed Magento 2.4.4 compatibility and Reminder emails
Version 2.0.9
2022-10-11 06:31:44
Added PHP 8 Support Marketplace issues fix
Version 2.0.8
2021-05-11 16:49:19
- Added feature to apply Tax Class to Cash Back. - Added configuration to choose when to apply cash back with the following options "Sub Total Excluding Tax" or "Sub Total Including Tax" - Made all text related to this module translatable - Added cash back information in print invoice, email and credit memo.
Version 2.0.7
2021-03-23 13:41:36
Fixed disabling extension issue Added cashback discount information in order confirmation and invoice email
Version 2.0.6
2021-03-12 11:12:07
1. Added functionality to automatically apply discount code 2. Added functionality to send second cash back email reminder
Version 2.0.5
2021-02-05 15:31:52
- Allowed cash back value to be in decimals as well.
Version 2.0.4
2020-08-13 15:30:34
Fixed issue related to adding conditions in shopping cart rule along with cashback discount.
Version 2.0.3
2020-03-13 05:48:01
Fixed the compilation issue
Version 2.0.2
2019-12-30 13:17:43
#Fixed the filter issue
Version 2.0.1
2019-09-25 14:20:47
Fixed minor issues
Version 2.0.0
2019-08-16 14:14:33
Fixed minor issues
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