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Train your team from our experts quickly and efficiently online. Our team can provide either a standard Magento admin training session or customised session to strengthen your weak areas. Your staff will be trained by our Magento certified solution specialists, who collectively have over a decade of experience in developing Magento eCommerce stores and training clients to manage their store.

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The core of our training will be focused on helping your team develop the capacity to use Magento features to run your business more effectively. Before training starts, we will have a training consultation with you to find out the key areas that your team needs to improve as well as the core activities that are required to keep your business running. We give the advanced Magento admin training.

You will be happy to know that our training is designed to suit any skill level. We start from the basics through to specific knowledge professionals use to navigate and use Magento effectively.

After Training, your staff will :

  • be more knowledgeable of out-of-the-box Magento features
  • be able to distinguish between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise features
  • be more capable of responding to client requests, resulting in better customer experience
  • be more confident in managing Magento accounts
  • have a greater sense of value as the company is investing in training them
  • be able to handle all day to day Magento admin tasks independently

At a glance our standard Magento training will cover below areas :

Sales :

  • Orders and Invoicing -> Handling Orders, Shipping Orders, Invoicing Orders, Refunding etc.
  • Credit Momos-> You will learn how to Create/ Handling of credit memos. These are issued by the merchant to a customer to write off an outstanding balance because of overcharge, rebate, or return of goods.
  • VAT-> Managing tax rules,Tax zones & rates, Import/Export tax rates. 
  • Terms and conditions -> You'll learn how to add new conditions, Managing terms & conditions.

Catalog :

  • Manage Products-> Creating/Deleting/Updating products. How to choose the correct product type (Simple/Configurable/Bundle) which is one of the first things you must do to create a new product.
  • Manage Categories-> Creating/Deleting/Updating categories.You'll learn how to create levels of categories(Root category/Subcategory).
  • Attributes-> Managing attributes and attribute sets. Attributes are the building blocks of product catalog and describe specific characteristics of a product.
  • URL Rewrite Management-> Managing /Creating URL rewrite.The URL Rewrite tool lets you change any URL that is associated with a product, category, or CMS page.
  • Tags-> Tags are one-word descriptors that are used as keywords for your catalog.
  • Google Sitemap-> Google Sitemap improves the way your store is indexed by their search engine and is specifically designed to find pages which might otherwise be overlooked. Google Sitemap is an index of all the pages on your site.


  • Manage Customers-> You'll learn how to create/update/manage customers, check order activities.
  • Customer Groups -> Managing/Creating customer groups.Usage of creating various customer groups. With customer groups, you can define different discounts for different customer groups. 
  • Online Customers-> You can see who’s online in your store at any given time, and examine the contents of the customer’s shopping cart, past purchases, and recent activity.


  • Custom variables-> You'll learn how to create custom variables and incorporate them into pages, blocks, banners, and email templates.
  • Cache Management-> You'll learn an easy way to improve the performance of your site. There are separate buttons to flush the Magento-specific cache and the all-inclusive cache storage.
  • Order Status-> Creating new status, Assigning a status(processing, pending, complete etc.) to the state. Orders have an order status that is associated with a stage in the order processing workflow.
  • Manage stores-> Creating Store/Website/Store View, Managing StoresThe basic information for your store includes the store name and address, telephone number and email address.
  • Configuration-> This area contains all the relevant information about your site setup. You will get to know how the setup of the site has been done and how you can change it.


In this section, you will learn how to set up product relationships, and use price rules to trigger discounts based on a variety of conditions. Here are a few ways you can use price rules to offer incentives to your customers:

  • Catalog Price Rules (Creating/Managing Catalog level discounts) 
  • Shopping Cart Price Rules (Creating/Managing Basket level discounts) 

Newsletter :

Publishing a regular newsletter is considered to be one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools available. Understanding how to use the newsletter.


You'll learn how to create static pages and static blocks and use of variables and widgets to add dynamic content pages.

Reports :

You'll learn out of the box Magento reports and how to view report data. Magento Community Edition provides a wide selection of reports to keep you current on everything from the contents of your customers’ shopping carts to the tags they use. Report data can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV or XML data file.

If you want more in-depth training or customised training then please contact us at

To ensure effective tutoring and best results, our preferred class size is 5 – 6 students. This size range allows personal interaction between our trainer and your staff.

Q: How the online training program works?
A: Once you have bought our training program, our team will get in touch with you. We will then plan training as suitable to your needs and time.
Q: Where will online training program take place?
A: We generally use Skype but we are happy to use anything which comfortable for you .
Q:How many number of people can attend?
A: There is no restriction as such but we recommend 4 - 6 people in one session.
Q: How long the session will be?
A:The session will be 6-7 hrs long.
Q: Will there be any breaks?
A: There will be 1 hr break during the training.
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